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I’m in a program where exploring the vision of a new project in an art journal. My new mini-assignment is to share one of my art journal pages with someone I trust.  The project I’m focusing on is  (add your short description here.)  This journal page I’m sending is a visual exploration of how to get motivated to exercise when dealing with chronic pain.  Thank you for being a safe and supportive place I can share.

I’ve chosen a unique format for the journal which accommodates the Artella style for quick prompts, intuitive responses, a combination of text and images, a mix of digital and hand drawn images, provide for short answers to prompts. The paper is 5 in by 14 inches, folded in half to give four pages. I will later bind these ‘signatures’ into a book. Meantime they are easy to modify, the order is flexible, and there are extra pages for afterthoughts.

An example of a journal page.

Exercise is beneficial for everyone, including those with disabilities.

Here are five reasons why it’s important for
disabled people to engage in physical activity.
What’s one tiny thing you can do to create momentum?
Exercise controls health conditions.
Exercise boosts energy levels.
Exercise improves your mood.
Exercise improves brain health.
Exercise improves sleep habits.
It can help reduce pain.
It makes you feel more productive.
It lowers your cholesterol.
Set a schedule
Stick to it
Track your progress
Use positive affirmations
Mark small steps with illustrations in bullet form.
Set up exercise stations
Obtain new equipment
Imagine the future easier flow

List motivations

What’s one tiny thing you can do to create momentum?