About Me

When I took my first oil painting course I knew nothing at all about art, painting, fine art or multi-media art. I gradually added to my arsenal and in the process I learned about what I liked and what I did not like. I still love to learn and practice new skills in the art and creative areas.

I work in oils, watercolors, pen and ink. I have been a hobby artist and creative individual most of my adult life. Motivated by learning new methods I utilize one-of-a-kind processes, including design and experimentation and consider it a privilege to practice whatever catches my eye. With such eclectic scanner type interests it is hard to depict a single practice. Below are some.

Multi-media and digital art forms are part of my art process, as well as fine art.

I believe in blurring the edges between art, nature, spirituality and relationships. My current focus tends to be on abstract figures and portraits. Examples on this site show that style. Currently AI images with Midjourney modified in Photoshop are starting to show up.

Various descriptors might apply. I am a joyful creator and teller of truth. I research and provide information about creative writing if asked.

I love to design for others, make and sell art cards and collaborate in teamwork initiatives with blog writing, websites or Photoshop creation.

In tough economic times, contemporary art as an investment seems rather recession-proof and, in fact, often times outperforms the stock market. Knowing the artist’s potential will help. Research is important before a purchase. Check out this link regarding contemporary art investments!