Creative Writing Groups

I use creative writing for expression, I am a very expressive and emotive extrovert, fortunately introverted enough to have solitary activities like writing. I use writing groups for motivation. Nothing gets my mojo going better than a lively discussion with a like minded individual.

A man is standing in front of a door, apparently waiting for something.
Why has he left the room, and for whom is he waiting upon his exit? Sounds like a story in the making?

What I like about writing groups

Brainstorming story ideas
Hearing about a genre I don’t write about
Writing to publish, not ‘freewrite’ for the sake of putting words on paper
Long term committed but social people, not a lot of turnover
Being able to return the same work for critique after it has been edited
Detailed questions about a critique and further review, especially by an individual
Talking, whether face to face or by keyboard
Catching an international ‘voice’ e.g my ‘Canadianisms’
Beta reviews
Sharing information
Learning how things, places, facilities and people operate
Small works of 500 words
Structure, such as when and how to critique
Feedback, such as what is working in the group and what we might try next
Social networking, perhaps new venues or using familiar ones

Helping people

Meeting people