About Me

Fern currently belongs to the Foothills Art Club in Cochrane and works in oils, watercolours, pen and ink, and digital art. She has been a hobby artist most of her adult life. Motivated by learning new methods she utilizes one-of-a-kind processes, including design and experimentation and considers it a privilege to practice whatever catches her eye. With such eclectic scanner type interests it is hard to depict a single practice. If anything she has adopted an abstract-reality style. She practices multi-media and digital art forms and believes in blurring the edges between art, nature, spirituality and relationships.

Fern, a joyful creator and teller of truth, is an ARTbundance™  coach since 2013, a CRM in Records Management for which she published a Canadian textbook, and she grew up in the wilderness of the foothills west of Cochrane. She has a wide variety of pursuits. As an ARTbundance™ coach Fern helps people through simple creative and intuitive exercises, the ones that help us discover our heart’s true desires. She provides information about Creative Writing and researches and provides information about creative writing for her clients and groups.

She loves to design for others, sell her art cards and collaborate in teamwork initiatives with blog writing, websites or Photoshop creation.

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